Welcome to Remicalm

Our greatest opportunity to battle cancer is through early detection.

Early detection allows for the treatment of cells with pre-cancerous conditions and of malignant cells prior to their spread to other areas of the body. It is well established that a majority of cancer patients who die, do so from the metastatic effect of cancer transmitted from a primary tumor site to other vital body organs.

Accordingly, the awareness of, and desire for, more efficient screening and diagnostic tools is increasing dramatically. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is focused on these emerging technologies. The media and public outcry demanding early screening and diagnostic devices for the detection of life threatening cancers reflects this need.

The NCI and Remicalm LLC are aligned in their efforts to improve the likelihood of a cure through early detection and treatment for pre-cancer and cancer.

Remicalm is exploring the enhancement of these existing technologies, as well as new developments through partnerships, collaborations and research focused on early screening, imaging and diagnosis of other cancers that exist in the cells that line the internal and external surfaces of the body.

The medical community, in an effort to accurately and immediately screen and diagnose pre-cancer and cancer, is faced with the challenge of achieving enhanced specificity and efficacy in a cost effective model.

By combining anatomical imaging with fluorescence, fiber optics and confocal microscopy, Remicalm's technologies can spot the exact location of pre-cancerous cells and determine the extent of the disease in the area being screened. The metabolic information obtained with the use of Remicalm's devices will enable the medical profession to achieve increased efficacy in early and accurate screening, diagnosis and monitoring of many cancers.