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Remicalm, LLC is a privately held medical diagnostic and imaging device company. Remicalm recently obtained an exclusive license for cancer diagnostic, screening, imaging and monitoring technologies from large universities affiliated with two world-renowned cancer centers. The three scientists from the institutions that developed this technology serve on the Company's Scientific Advisory Board.

Remicalm's products are focused on early screening, imaging and diagnosis of cancers and pre-cancers that exist in the cells that line the internal and external surfaces of the body.

The initial Remicalm technology portfolio includes twenty-six (26) issued or pending patents. Sixteen of these issued or pending patents relate to the detection of various types of pre-cancerous conditions (dysplasia) and cancers. The detection is made through the processing of optical fluorescence and reflectance in various body tissues.

In addition, Remicalm has a confocal microscopy platform that will generate future products and is leveraging innovative biospecific contrast agents and nano particles that will impact screening and diagnostics for numerous organ sites. Remicalm has also filed additional patent applications for its own technology that has been developed over the past two years.

Remicalm's core technologies are based on a high-speed, high-resolution patented optical processing technology platform that has the ability to read metabolic and physiologic differences in diseased and healthy tissue in the human body. In order to identify dysplasia and cancer, this technology platform provides for development and introduction of cancer screening and diagnostic products that will be able to image cell tissue in a unique manner.

Remicalm's products will improve the likelihood of a cure through early detection and treatment for pre-cancer and cancer. This technology will also decrease false positives and false negatives, which lead to needless and painful biopsies, as well as additional cost to insurance companies and medical practitioners and patients alike.

Remicalm management is constantly analyzing the commercial opportunities for its technology platform in numerous medical device market areas. The company designs, manufactures and sells its products into each of these markets through subsidiaries formed for that purpose. The first subsidiary is Trimira™, which is focused on oral cancer. Other subsidiaries are focused on the screening and diagnosis of cervical, skin, bladder and gastrointestinal cancers.